Hinerman Cemetery

Aleppo Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania


Hinerman Cemetery, Google Maps

To get to the cemetery, you need to go to 445 Harts Run Road, Aleppo, PA. Once there, you will see a gate and a sign saying basically whats up ahead is land owned by Rice Energy. If you go beyond the fence and keep going up the gravel hill, when you hit the top, look behind you and you will see a grass path. Go down that path, it will take you to an uncut field. Go into the field but keep left along the edge, keep looking left and you should see the large headstones from the cemetery and it will be there.

Hinerman Cemetery, First Glimpse Hinerman Cemetery, Front Overview Hinerman Cemetery, Back Overview

Unfortunately, many of the stones were not legible, a couple even being entirely corroded, and one missing. However, in January 1972, Burl and Margaret Mackey went up to the cemetery to transcribe the graves for a 1972 newsletter for the Greene County Historical Society. The transcriptions can be found here.

From what I understand, the transcriptions says "there are two or three fieldstone markers; possibly one marks the grave of Revolutionary soldier George Hinerman, said to be buried in this area." When I scouted the whole cemetery, the graves all seem to go by a pattern of about 3 graves per row, behind the son George Hinerman, was a headstone marked Father, next to it was marked "D. M. H." in the same row which was behind the stone of Lindsey Hinerman. I have a feeling the stone marked Father was the Revolutionary War Soldier Georg Heinemann. His sons gravestone only marked that him and his wife were married, and their names only resided on that one stone.

The land is currently owned by Rice Energy (Information being as recent as 2016/10/01). If you are a Hinerman decendant, and would like to visit the cemetery, you are free to go beyond the gate to visit the cemetery.

Big thanks to the locals who helped to inform my dad and I to the wearabouts of the cemetery, we finally found it on the first of October 2016 after I stumbled across a local hunter near the Quiet Dell (Wise) cemetery as he was hunting. Turns out he worked on the land that Rice Energy owned and had been to the Hinerman Cemetery. He told me exactly where to go when we head back and the directions were straight forward. We had been to the are a total of three times, and the third time was the charm.

Made a stop at the Cornerstone Genealogical Library in Waynesburg on July 1, 2017 to do some research on the family and they happened to have a copy of a surveyors map of the Hinerman Cemetery. Huge thanks to the folks at the Library for helping me research the family history and being able to find the map. They had more information on the family history than I thought any place could provide, I highly recommend the library for anyone with Ancestry from the region.

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