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Rush the Orcs! by Xreef

"Rush the Orcs!" is a very simple game mode at heart, but a very addicting and fun one at most. At first glance however, it looks like the setup works like any other game. But it doesn't work like that.

To get the map properly working, when you start a game, make the Force 2 player a Computer of any difficulty level, and make sure to make the computer an Orc. Once you've done that, make sure all of the other players in Force 1 are Humans on the same team as you. If they are not playing as Human, the game will be very difficult to play for them, potentially impossible since they will not have the lumber and food to make units. This is only the case if you play the "Rush the Orcs!" final release by Xreef, and not WarBrehs fix.

Early Rush the Orcs! by Xreef (4 Player)
Rush the Orcs! Final by Xreef (4 Player)
Rush the Orcs! Final by Xreef modded by Dreshkin (4 Player) (To have trees for other plays no matter what race)
Rush the Orcs! Final by Xreef fixed by WarBreh (4 Player) (Sets forces to their proper defaults)

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